Transportation options in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the kind of city you could explore for months and still find something new and exciting every day. Finding the transportation option that works best for you is crucial to ensure the success of your Valencian adventure.

  • Bus System

Cheap, easy and entertaining, the bus system is a nice option for students. For just a few Euros, you can ride the bus nearly anywhere you need to go and sightsee along the way. As long as you have time to kill, because the bus will have to stop many times, a bus ride will get you to your destination and allow you to meet some interesting people along the way.

  • Taxi Services

The great thing about the taxi service in Valencia is it's fast and always available. Whether you need to get to the airport or back to your hotel after a night out, taxis are always traveling the streets of Valencia. They are more expensive, but very conveninent.

  • Bicycle Rentals

Bike rentals are an awesome way to sightsee and travel around the city. For around 10 Euros a day, you can ride through the winding side streets of Valencia and stop anywhere along the way. For college students looking to experience Valencian culture and save money, this is the perfect option.

  • Walking

Walking is always the cheapest way to travel through a city, but walking through Valencia will also help you find the hidden gems that define the city. If you have time and want to spend your day meandering through shops, restaurants and museums, walking is a great option.