Student-friendly restaurants in Valencia, Spain

Dining in Valencia is one of the best ways to gain an understanding and respect for Spanish culture while enjoying some of the best food the world has to offer. Listed below are five restaurants Florida State University study abroad students said were their favorites and why.

  • La Diabla

La Diabla is a lively, informal, colorful little restaurant with a relaxed ambience, perfect for those who don't like to be too formal. The menu is a set meal only, with creativity at the heart of the cuisine. With lots of foreign influences, you can only figure out what you will be eating by the ingredients because the names you will have never seen before.

  • Beruit King

A meeting point for many alternative and bohemian-inspired individuals, Beruit King attracts with its high-quality yet inexpensive Lebanese food. The portions will surely fill any hungry stomach with leftovers to bring home, and the service will not let you down either.

  • The Loving Hut

If you are looking for a filling, healthy meal, The Loving Hut is the place to go. It offers a range of Vegan, Asian and Western style food so everyone in your party will find something there to enjoy.

  • Bodeguilla del Gato

This is a traditional Spanish-style restaurant with a variety of delicious tapas to choose from. Located in the heart of the Carmen district in the famous Plaza de Negrito, it is a great place to go to if you're interested in experiencing Spanish cuisine and culture.

  • Kebab Stands

Kebabs are the token snack in Spain. Kebab stands are everywhere you go and are always open late. A Lebanese delicacy made cheap, fast and easy-to-access makes this a must-have during your late night adventures in Valencia.