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The project:

This project tracks and records the lives of squatters, or dirty kids, in Gainesville.

Squatting involves living on the streets, in abandoned buildings or with anybody who will house you.

Squatters travel from town to town by hitchhiking, train hopping or any other way they can figure out.

While there is always a risk with the police, violence or being taken advantage of, many squatters feel it's the only way to live.

Dirty kid life

Living as a dirty kid requires that you get really creative about how you get food, money, shelter and stay safe.

How to get money

There's a number of different ways to get money, depending on your creativity.

If you want, you could do poke and stick tattoos for a charge.

You can sell artwork or crafts.

There's the obvious money-maker: panhandling. But Gainesville isn't the greatest place for panhandling, plus there are a number of laws dealing with where you can do it. You can't do it anywhere where there is a "no soliciting sign," you can't ask for anything on a median and you can't be on the road.

If you can play guitar or other instruments, then busking is always a good possibility, but you have to be careful or someone will take your instrument.