Papa a la Huancaina

There are different recipes that you may come across depending on what part of the country you are from. For the most part they all contain the same ingredients; the only thing that varies is the amount of each ingredient used. The following recipe was given to me by my mother and serves four.


Preparation Procedures

  1. Crumble crackers and place them in milk to soak for about 5 minutes
  2. Blend yellow pepper paste, cheese, oil, milk, and crackers until creamy
  3. Taste sauce and add salt and pepper to taste. The paste should be bright and yellow
  4. Place potatoes to boil
  5. Once potatoes are boiling place eggs in the same pot and add salt to taste
  6. When boiled take both the potatoes and the eggs out to cool
  7. Once cold peel and slice the eggs and potatoes

Serving Instructions

  1. Place lettuce leaf on plate
  2. Slice potatoes and place them on the lettuce leaf
  3. Pour sauce over the potatoes
  4. Place eggs and olives on top
  5. Dice celery and sprinkle it on top to decorate the dish