Desserts and Drinks

Inca Kola If there is one Peruvian drink that is internationally known it is Inca Kola. This "bubblegum" flavored drink is the best-selling soda in Peru and actually beat Coca-Cola in sales. Coca-Cola then bought half of the Inca Kola Corporation and obtained bottling and advertising rights outside of Peru.


Inca Kola is usually accompanied by picarones. They are a mix of sweet potato and squash bases deep fried in a donut shape. It is then topped off with a special honey that comes from raw sugar cane flavored with orange.

Chicha Morada

Another drink that is common in Peru is chicha morada, also known as the purple corn drink. Chicha is a mix of purple corn juice amongst other fruit juices and hints of cinnamon. Sometimes chunks of pear, apple, or pineapple are added once the drink is mixed for extra flavor.

Mazamorra Morada

Purple corn also contributes to the making of mazamorra morada. It also contains fruit and sprinkled with cinnamon for a slight spice to it. What makes the dessert different from the drink is the thickness of it. In the dessert potato flour is added so that it has a pudding-like texture.