Ceviche varies amongst countries and regions of said countries. There are also variations of types of ceviche; some have fish and others include more seafood. The following recipe if for a fish ceviche to serve eight people and it was given to me by my grandfather.


Preparation Procedures

  1. Chop fish into small cubes
  2. Squeeze lime juice into a separate container
  3. Cut ginger into pieces and place it with the lime juice
  4. In a small bowl mix a pinch of salt, pepper, garlic, celery, and desired amount of pepper. Season the fish with this.
  5. Thinly slice and wash the onion
  6. Boil corn and sweet potato. It can be in the same pot if desired
  7. Add lime juice without ginger to the seasoned fish
  8. Wait about 30 for the fish to marinade in lime and then serve

Serving Instructions

  1. Place lettuce leaf on plate
  2. Put desired amount of ceviche on leaf
  3. Place corn on side of the plate
  4. Place slices of sweet potato on the other side of the plate