Way down in the deep, deep, deep South, in the magical town of Gainesville, Fl, lies the best pizza joint in the world - Satchel's Pizza.

However, Satchel's isn't only the home of my favorite pizza, but also of the best salad ever. That's right, the best salad EVER. You could eat plates of the stuff without even realizing it.

Unfortunately, my meager student budget does not allow me to dine at Satchel's on a regular basis. Therefore, I had no choice but to create a salad clone.

A word of caution; once you make this salad, there is no going back. This is the only salad you will be making for the rest of your life. Consider yourself warned.

Whatcha Need:


How it's done:

Start by finely chopping the veggies and the apple.

TIP: Chopping onions making you cry like a little girl? Try chewing gum while chopping - it will stop your eyes from burning, leaving your cred intact.

chopped toppings

Next, dump the greens into a large bowl and toss with the grated cheese and the vinaigrette to taste.

Once the greens are tossed, throw on the chopped veggies and apple, more cheese and the nuts. If you like, you can give it another little toss, but not too much or all the toppings will go straight to the bottom of the bowl.

bowl of salad

Now all you have to do is plate it up and get addicted.

finished product

So good.