Chip and dip bars are an easy and essential part of any tailgating party. Here are three of many possible ideas:

Ridiculously Easy Ranch Dip

Mix one 1.5 oz. packet of Dry Ranch Dressing Mix with one 8 oz. tub of regular or light sour cream. That's it. It tastes best with ruffled potato or corn chips.

Rotel Dip - a.k.a. "Gringo Queso"

Combine 1 10 oz. of Rotel, a mix of diced tomatoes and chilies, with one 16 oz. package of Velveeta cut into 1-inch cubes. Microwave for five minutes or until melted, stirring it once halfway through.

Cheater's Fancy Salsa

A really easy way to look like you splurged for expensive salsa for your corn-chips is to mix your regular salsa with 1/2 can each of corn and black beans. Voila!