I realize that this dessert has a really lame name. In order to correct this problem, I had a brain-storming session with some of my friends.

Unfortunately, all of their ideas sucked. My personal favorite was "Brownie Fake-Booze Awesomeness."

When they're not operating as a marketing thin-tank, my friends usually just refer to it as "that brownie thing." At least I changed "thing" to "dessert."

The dessert consists of two brownies filled with a chocolate mousse and rum-flavored whipped cream. That is then topped with more whipped cream and drizzled with a chocolate fudge sauce.Don't freak out about the mousse part - I cheated and used instant pudding mix. When you mix it with whipped topping it has a thick, yet light texture - just like mousse. Nice, right?

Whatcha Need:


NOTES: You really need to use a higher-quality brownie mix for this recipe - I recommend Ghirardelli. Also, the picture has two boxes becuase I was making this dessert for a dinner party. You would only need one.

How It's Done:

Prepare brownies according to package directions, using only one egg and substituting milk for the water. Also, stir in 1/2 tsp of rum flavoring.

You want to keep the brownies as thin as possible without turning them into charred bricks in the oven. I recommend using a 9x9 inch baking pan. Spray it well with cooking-spray.

Pan of Batter

While the brownies are baking, dump one of the tubs of whipped topping into a mixing bowl, but don't throw away the original container. Using a whisk, stir in the pudding mix until thick, which shouldn't take long. Make sure that all the powder is mixed well into the topping. Once you've made the "mousse," dump it back into the original container and pop it into the fridge to keep cold.


To the other tub of whipped topping, add 1/2 tsp of rum flavoring and mix well to incorporate. Like the mousse, put the topping into the fridge to keep cold.

Let the brownies cool COMPLETELY and cut them into large squares. Melt a little of the chocolate icing in a microwave-safe bowl for about 30 seconds or until runny.


Place one of the brownie squares on a plate and spread a heaping spoonfull of the mousse on top of it. On top of the mousse, spread a smaller amount of the whipped topping. Cover the whipped topping with another brownie to creat a sandwhich. Spread more whipped topping on top of the second brownie, and then drizzle the whole mess with some chocolate sauce.


final dessert

Doesn't that look amazing? Enjoy!