How to Pick a Winning Bracket

What's the most important thing about March Madness? To most people, it's picking a winning bracket. Calling which 12 over 5 upset, choosing all Final Four teams correctly, this is serious stuff. And most of the time, it's hard to do. Sites like ESPN and CBSsports have resources on their sites that aim to help users determine which teams are most likely to win. But the beauty of March Madness is that anything can happen and one game can completely bust your bracket.

That's what happened to the Independent Florida Alligator's sportswriter Adam Berry. "I tried to go for a decent mix of upsets while still banking on the predictable power teams and conferences," he said. "None of my Final Four teams made it, and it was my job this year to follow and analyze college basketball. Really just goes to show how much luck is involved in filling out brackets."

Cinnamon Bair, editor of UF Today and Florida magazines, was a co-champion of her office's (the University of Florida Foundation's Publications and Public Relations departments) pool.

Listen to how she picked her winners.
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Lorraine Burton, a senior secretary at the same office, won last year and was this year's co-champion as well.

Listen to her unusual method of picking teams.

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