Why People Love March Madness

For some people, it's the most wonderful time of the year. During the first two rounds, college basketball is almost on 24 hours a day...and for some, that's still not enough. Here are some reasons why people love March Madness.

"I believe people love March Madness for two reasons: The brackets and pools, for one, have allowed people to gamble on the tournament in a legal way. Secondly, I believe the drama of the one-and-done format with so many Cinderella teams from smaller conferences having a chance to advance intrigues the American public."

---Mike Bianchi, sportswriter for the Orlando Sentinel

"It's something everyone can get involved in. Seemingly every person on earth fills out a bracket -- from President Obama to people who haven't watched a college basketball game all season-- so there's some level of personal interest as well. Add in all the upsets and last-second finishes, and there's plenty of reason it's the greatest postseason in sports."

---Adam Berry, sportswriter for the Independent Florida Alligator

Listen to Lorraine Burton, a senior secretary in the University of Florida's Publications department, on her thoughts why her office has a bracket competition every March Madness.

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