Fun Facts about the Internet

There are an estimated 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide!

Approximately 11 countries in the world still do not access to the Internet!

Google's index hosts about 8 billion pages!

The most popular online activity is e-mail, closely followed by instant messaging!

Youtube serves a billion videos everyday!

Fun Facts about your PC

The first computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart and it was made of wood!

The average computer user blinks about 7 times a minute, which is a lot less than the normal rate of 20!

Approximately,6000 viruses are released every month!

The billionth personal computer was sold in 2002 and the second billionth personal computer was sold in 2007!

More than 12,000 laptops go missing at U.S airports every week!

Future of the Internet

To get a final view on the evolution and impact of the Internet on our lives, I spoke to Mr.Poonawalla, a networking expert. He has been working in the networking and telecommunication industry since the past few years and is well versed about all the aspects related to the Internet. He is currently employed with Research in Motion, as a product software developer for the next generation Blackberry soft phones. His core expertise lies in designing efficient and scale computer networks to facilitate an amalgamation of wireless internet with mobile technology.Given below is the complete interview, conducted over Google Talk.



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