Components that You Require

Wireless home networks are really popular nowadays. They can be installed easily and provide a great degree of comfort to the user. Now, you no longer have to be tied down to your chair to use the Internet and can use it anywhere in your house. Setting up a wireless network is simple and it needs two basic components(assuming your computer has wireless capability and you have a broadband Internet Connection):

Wireless Router


A router is a networking device which is used to convert the information/signals from your home Internet connection into a wireless broadcast.It is basically a routing and forwarding device.

Wireless Network Adapter


A Wireless Network Adapter connects your computer to the wireless router. They provide WiFi capability to a computer that has an inbuilt USB drive.

Setup Your Home Internet Connection

Find your cable or DSL modem and unplug it from it's port

Connect your router to the wireless router. To do so, if you have a computer that is connected to your modem, then unplug the network cable, which is located at the back of your computer and plug into the port called Internet/WLAN/WAN that is located at the back of your router.

If you do not have access to a computer, then plug one end of the network cable into a slot on the modem and plug the other end into the port called Internet/WLAN/WAN that is located at the back of your router


Now,plug in the router,the Internet/WLAN port light switches on, indicating that the router has been properly connected to the modem


All you need to do now, is to open an Internet browser and configure you router, as described in the instructional manual of the router, and you are well on your way to accessing wireless Internet at your home!

The final configuration looks like this :


For a visual representation of the instructions mentioned above,you can watch the video posted below:

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