Or if you are the adventurous, nature-loving hiker type, Simatai is more for you.

Simatai is located near the Dam. It may not be advised, since it may be illegal, but swimming in the water on a hot summer day will move this experience from a low 7 to a high 9.  

Plus, if you ride back in a motorcycle, the wind will take care of the annoying wet jeans.

Simatai Dam

What will create a more Chinese experience, would be to buy some jiaozi, or dumplings, at the top of the wall. They sell them at the small cafeterias at the foot of the wall, 10 dumplings for about 10 kuai.

Near the Dam, there is also a five-star hotel the Great Wall Hotel at Simatai, and other hotels where you can sleep on the Wall, in a courtyard-style room.