If you think Disney built the Wall and you don’t care at all about history, go to Badaling, for the unadventurous and superficial tourist.

It is not for animal rights activists, historians, archeologists, or anyone with a sense of decency.

There is a painfully slow roller coaster built into the side of the mountain up to the Wall, with flashy, gaudy colorful lights.

Once there, you can gawk at the captive bears that gawk back at the audience and wallow in their own excrement in a fly-infested pit intended to resemble a decent zoo. Captive bears at the entrance of BadalingThey look up all the time waiting for people to throw food at them.

The wall is completely restored, to the point where there is no original Wall left. Crowds of tourists from all over China and the world fill every inch designated for the lines.

They yell and scream, in Mandarin and Cantonese, and English, Spanish and Portuguese. They want to buy souvenirs and eat McDonald's or KFC on what could be a beautiful and pristine historical site.

Perhaps its only advantage is that it is the closest Wall to Beijing, only 70 kms or 43.5 miles, only about an hour away. It runs for 2.98 miles on the ledge of mountains and rolling hills. It has 19 watchtowers.