Coach Talking About Recruiting Process

In this video, UF women's head coach Becky Burleigh talks about scouting high school girls for her college team. She is telling about how the recruiting process is being sped up and how girls are having to make decisions about where they want to go to college a lot sooner.

Recruitment Process

The beginning of the recruitment process begins with a dead period where you can contact coaches by sending them e-mails about your soccer resume. Chelsea Brinkman, who now plays at Bucknell, said her club team made a portfolio of all the girls' soccer resumes and passed them out at big games where college scouts attended. She said she thinks this helped get her and most of her teammates recruited. Then begins the contact period where coaches can call the athletes on the phone. Becky Burleigh, UF women's soccer coach, said that the contact period keeps changing and allowing for earlier recruiting. She said this is good because they get to plan in advance who they want to look at and contact. She also said it's bad because these young girls are having to make a decision about where they want to go to school so quickly.

After a school gets in contact with you, you may be invited on an unofficial visit where you can talk to the coach and see the campus but your transportation and accomadations must be paid by you or your parents. Then as things progress, you may be asked on an official visit where all of these things are paid for. It is important to take many visits and explore your options before settling on one school. For more information about the official recruiting regulations, visit the NCAA Web site.