Nutrtition Facts

A nutritionist is provided for the athletes to make sure they are eating right and maintaining the correct weight. At the beginning and end of every season, a body composition test is taken. The athletes get inside what is called a Bod Pod which measures body composition, which is the percent body fat and lean mass. Body fat is the amount of fat absolutely necessary for good health. If a person has too much fat, health and athletic performance may be compromised. Lean mass is everything except the fat. It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs. Healthy levels of lean mass contribute to physical fitness. Increased power comes from increasing your lean mass and decreasing your body fat. The nutritionist at UF recommends retesting body fat every 4 to 8 weeks.

It is also important to eat healthy while eating out. Here are some nutrition facts about some common restaurants: Panera, Chick-fil-a, and Pita Pit

Adding Fruits and Vegetables

Breakfast: Add fruits like bananas or strawberries to your cereal or add vegetables like spinach or mushrooms to an omelet

Lunch: Add vegetables to a sandwich or pita, substitute chopped vegetables for meat, add a salad or vegetable soup to your meal

Dinner: Add a cup of chopped vegetables in place of pasta or noodles, fill your plate half way with vegetables before adding any other food

Snack: Most fruits and vegetables can provide you with a filling snack for less than 100 calories, and try adding fruit to yogurt or crackers