Athletic Trainer Certified

Emily Kiefer is the athletic trainer certified for the UF women's soccer team. Before games and practices, players get their ankles and blisters taped to prevent further injury. Kiefer says that by wrapping your ankles before every time you exercise is a great way to avoid a common injury like rolling an ankle.

Cold Tank

The cold tank is used by players after practice or if they have an injury. The cold tank is mandatory for the soccer players after every practice in preseason to help recovery. It is recommended to stay in for at least 10 minutes after every work out. You should at least go waist high in the water or you can go in deeper.

Rehabilitation Chair

This rehabilitation chair is used for stretching and different exercises. The other medicine balls are used when players are recovering from surgery and have to go to rehab every day. Resistance rubber bands are also a good choice when trying to recover from an injury.