Correspondence through E-mail

E-mail Etiquette

Almost everyone with a computer uses e-mail. In fact, most colleges create e-mail accounts for their students, faculty and staff. Even though e-mail can be used to send funny videos or look at notifications from Facebook, it is also used quite frequently in the professional world. Here are some tips for any type of e-mail:

According to Kevin Guthrie, the assistant director for employee relations at the University of Florida's Career Resource Center, "body language can't be communicated in written messages. You don't want to come across as rude with short e-mails." Guthrie also stressed that although your messages shouldn't be too abrupt, remember that "employers are busy. Respect their time. Follow up after an interview but don't flood their inboxes."

On the topic of emails, Guthrie suggests having a professional e-mail adress. "A first name or initial and your last name is the best option. For business, don't use anything cute or inappropriate. If you need to, create one e-mail account for personal messages and another for business."