Supplies and Equipment

Below is a list of basic Scrabble supplies. All but the last three bullet points are included in a Scrabble set.

  • Game board -- This is what the game is played on. In most versions, the board consists of grooves where tiles fit into. The board is square and different grooves correspond to different ways of scoring.
  • Tiles -- These are what each player uses to form words. The tiles are about a square-inch big and have letters etched into them with a point value in the lower right hand corner. Many choose to place these in a pouch for letter-choosing, but this is not required. You can simply turn all the tiles over and have players choose their letters that way.
  • Letter Rack -- The racks are used to hold each player's tiles so they can see them and slide them around to form words before his/her turn as well as keep them from the eyes of other players. They are usually long, thin racks made of wood or plastic.
  • Pen and Paper -- Self-explanatory, you need these items to keep score.
  • Timer (optional) -- Some Scrabble players prefer to use a timer to set a limit on each person's turn. Though this is not an official rule, it is commonly practiced to keep the game moving at a reasonable speed.
  • Scrabble dictionary (optional) -- Though using this during a game is not always accepted, some use this as a guide for letter combinations they are not sure are words. However, most true Scrabble players don't use the dictionary while playing; they see it as a crutch.

Additional Info