About the Game

Scrabble, one of America's favorite crossword puzzle games, was first invented in 1948 and has entertained people all over the world ever since. Read more about Scrabble's history here.

Supplies and Equipment

Though the game is quite simple, there are many pieces of equipment you need in order to play. Click the image below for more information on game supplies and equipment.


Basic Rules

To be a true Scrabble champion, you must play by all the rules. Click the image below for the game's basic rules.



There are numerous ways to score points in Scrabble, all depending on your letters and how you place them on the board. Click the image below for more information on different ways to score.


High-Score Strategies

High-scores are not difficult to come by in Scrabble if you know some high-score strategies. Click on the image below for high-scoring tips.


Additional Info