In the beginning...


Stack of pancakesPancakes date back to the ancient times, and they were especially predominant in medieval Europe. The meal originally hit tables after a batter made of egg, milk, water and flour was fried and served with pepper and honey. The meal was always present amoung Easter foods and on Mardis Gras.

French Toast

As legend has it, French Toast was created by cooks who needed to use every bit of the food they had to feed their families during hard times. Even the stale bread was not to be wasted. The stale bread was dipped in egg and milk then fried so it could be consumed. The French name for the dish, "pain perdu," literally means "lost bread."


In America, breakfast cereal with milk grew out of the health movement of the 1860s. It was seen as a way to get a morning nutrition kick without all of the calories contained in a regular breakfast. Granola was used as the main ingredient at the time.


Oatmeal, also known as "hot cereal," was originally a peasant food called porridge. Oats were mainly grown as horse feed, so using them in a dish was seen as lower class. The dish is Scottish, and at the time was "only fit for horses in England."

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