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Can't get enough of the kettlebell? I don't blame you.

Still not convinced that kettlebells are worth your while? Here is an interview with certified personal trainer Chris "Boris" Marhefka of the Gainesville-based personal training company Body by Boris.

Chris "Boris" Marhefka.

Lance: As a certified personal trainer, what do you think about kettlebells? Are they worth their weight in what people have complimented them on?

Chris: I think kettlebells are excellent tools for functional and athletic training. Kettlebells are simple and effective. Kettlebells are gaining popularity, but do not get enough credit in mainstream fitness.

Lance: What are some of the benefits of training with kettlebells?

Chris: Nearly every drill recruits multiple muscle groups to work in unison. The body is trained as a whole, and particular emphasis is focused on the core and back muscles.

Lance: What are some of your favorite kettlebell exercises and why?

Chris: The clean and press, swing and Turkish getup. These are my favorite exercises because they engage every muscle in your body, and they combine strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and explosiveness.

Lance: Is there anything else about kettlebells and how to train with kettlebells that you would be willing to talk about?

Chris: Any exercise that can be done with dumbbells, can be made more challenging with a kettleball.