Try this fat burning exercise that is sure to give you a heart attack!

Exercise No.2: The kettlebell snatch.

The kettlebell snatch is usually the next exercise that is learned after you have mastered the swing. The snatch is also a very technical exercise, so be sure to watch the video on how to properly perform this exercise.

Works: the same muscles groups as the swing, but also your shoulders, biceps and triceps.


+ Just like the swing, performing high rep sets of the snatch is an effective cardio exercise that will burn fat.

+ Because the axis of the bell is extended beyond your hand, the movement of the snatch will work the stabilizer muscles in your forearms and hand.


Similar to the kettlebell swing, hike the bell behind your hips with your arm, and swing the bell forward by fully extending your hips so that you are standing up straight.

To grip the kettlebell with one hand, choke up on the inside horn of the handle closest to your thumb. If you are holding the bell with your right hand, choke up on the left horn.

As the bell reaches about forehead height, flick your wrist up through the kettlebell letting it rest on your forearm and continue moving your arm until it is vertical along side your ear. This is a very technical part of the snatch, so watch the video on how to perform it without hurting yourself.

The movement will end with your arm fully extended, alongside your ear. To repeat the movement, slowly lower the kettlebell in front of you and do not lower the bell from your side or jerk your shoulder at any point.

Common mistakes: The most common mistake people make when performing the snatch is letting the bell move around your hand and smack you on the wrist. Instead, you want your hand to move around the bell.

To accomplish this, you want to flick your wrist right as the bell is about the swing up. Some kettlebell instructors call this motion a "punching" action, but a flick of the wrist is more applicable.