Front Squat

You don't have to kill your back with a barbell anymore

Exercise No.4: The kettlebell front squat.

Works: The posterior chain of muscles along with your quads and core.


+ Unlike squatting with a heavy barbell on your back, the front squat with a kettlebell will prevent unnecessary stress on your traps and back.


By now, you should have the clean exercise down. Clean the kettlebell into the racked position.


Once the kettlebell is racked, sit down like you would sit into a chair and stop when your thighs become parallel with the floor and stand back up. Make sure your weight is about 70 percent on your heels.


Common mistakes: The most common mistake people make when performing the front squat is not sitting down into the squat with most of their weight on the heels. Instead, they will squat with their knees instead of their hips. To prevent this, make sure your knees to not go past your toes.