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Kettlebells are a unique piece of fitness equipment that has made a huge splash in the fitness industry in the United States over the past 10 years. Right now, they are the biggest trend in the fitness world in the U.S. as many professional sports teams and athletes, mixed martial artists, and celebrities all incorporate kettlebells into their training regimens.

This odd, canon ball-shaped weight with a handle originated from Russia and was almost exclusively used in the former Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries. The Russian special forces, or Spetsnaz, used kettlebells to physically condition its soldiers.

Compared with traditional dumbbells, a kettlebell's center of mass (the middle of the bell) is extended beyond the hand and allows for swinging movements not possible when lifting dumbbells.

More of the fast-twitch, stabilizer muscles are used in many of the swinging movements with kettlebells than lifting dumbbells, ergo a kettlebell workout is more effective, and yields better results in less time.

I first used kettlebells in 2008 when UF's Southwest Recreation Center acquired them. I didn't start seriously training with kettlebells until 2009 when I saw this instructional video by Men's Health featuring Jason C. Brown, owner of Kettlebell Athletics.com.

Since learning how to properly use kettlebells and incorporate kettlebell-specific exercises into my workout regimen, I can say that they are worth their weight in gold.

I hope that after viewing this site, you will be able to safely and effectively incorporate kettlebells into your training regimen. Enjoy the site, check out the fitness videos on how to properly perform kettlebell exercises.

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