How to audition

Live Auditions: Pick from one of the dates.

Video Auditions: Tape your routine and send it to June Stoeber by June 20th. If you do this option you must contact June prior to sending it.

When to come

Live audition dates

Where to go

Steinbrenner Band Hall

Steinbrenner Band Hall
UF Campus on Corner of Inner Road and Northeast Corner of Newell Drive
Gainesville, Florida, 32611

What to expect

On location routine: A short routine taught at the audition and performed in small groups.

Individual routine: A routine choreographed by the auditionee. These should be 1-2 minutes long to your choice of music and must show proficiency with flag and one or more other skills including dance, rifle, or saber.

Required Attire: Comfortable sneakers or dance shoes. Gator Orange or Gator Blue shorts. Comfortable shirt. Show-ready hair and show-ready make-up.

Equipment: You may bring your own equipment. Some flags will be provided but auditionees must bring their own weapons if they are using them(rifle/saber).