Where to find quality junkJunk Pile

The best part about junk art is that you can use almost any object to create your piece. Junk can be found just about anywhere, but the best place to find large quantities of metal scraps would be your neighborhood salvage yard. Metal salvage yards house piles and piles of prime junk, such as the one featured on the right, and are located in virtually every city. Some of them even exist for art projects, specifically. You can check the yellow pages to find one near you. Of course, the great thing about junk art is that your materials can be found in any location whether it be the side of the road or your own backyard!

Getting CreativeJunk Face

Now that you know where to find your junk, the creative process can begin. It might seem difficult to find inspiration in a sea of iron fencing and old bike chains, but, at some point, the junk will start to speak to you. Julie Smith, a junk artist out of Asheville, NC, said that her creative vision can be sparked by even the smallest of objects.

"Something as small as 2-by-2 or as large as 10-by-10 can catch my eye and inspire me to make something very unrelated to what the item is," she said. "Basically, I walk around until, eventually, I see a face."

Essentially, all you have to do is immerse yourself in the junk until you're inspired. Perhaps you can use Smith's approach and wait until you see a face. Hopefully, it looks nothing like the one on the right. That's a face only a mother could love. Either way, you'll find your junkyard muse soon enough.