Cheesecake recipes can be adjusted to suit anyone's tastes. Take one look at a Cheesecake Factory menu or even simply type "cheesecake" in a search engine, and you can find a myriad of recipes someone thought up.

Simply take a basic cheesecake recipe, like the New York Cheesecake recipe, and add your favorite flavors in. Candy pieces, fruit or even syrup transform that basic cheesecake into something new.

According to Dennis Malectar, a baker at a Publix in Tequesta, Fl, it's all about the ingredients. "Most people think cream cheese is the only way to go. But I usually use rigotta cheese. It's a bit thicker," Dennis said.

In this section, each recipe includes the ingredients, directions and a how-to video.


Robert"There is a lot of potential to screw it up though. If the crust is slightly overbaked for example, it is really bad." -Robert Lang, 21, Tampa, Fla.