Lauren Delgado

Site Creator

I am a journalism student at the University of Florida, who (if you could not tell) loves cheesecake. For me, it's a relatively simple way to treat my friends and loved ones, and of course, myself.

I find it fascinating how cheesecake, like so many things, has metamorphosed with different cultures in today's world. Using a cheesecake recipe from a different group of people not only gives you a new treat, but a look into that people's culture.

I designed this site with that in mind. I wanted to give viewers a "one stop shop" for cheesecake. Cheesecake has a "rich" history, and I hope that was made clear by this site.

So go out and bake a cheesecake! (Or, whip up a No Bake Cheesecake!)

This site was created for an MMC 3260 at the University of Florida.