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Making cheesecake daunts a lot of people. These fabulous desserts are brought out from restaurant kitchens, leaving the recipient a little intimidated. Baking cream cheese? A little odd...better leave that to the experts...

...At least that's what I thought. Then one boring day and a starving boyfriend later, my mind was changed. Baking cheesecake, although not as easy as buying one, is not as difficult as it first seems. As long as you can mix ingredients and remember to take it out of the oven, very little can happen to your dessert.

No BakeCheesecake can be anything you want it to be. Craving chocolate? Make a chocolate cheesecake or throw some chocolate sauce on it. Put a Latin spin on it by making a Flan Cheesecake. Anything goes. Comments about each cheesecake style are given from myself and other cheesecake lovers can be found in the Styles section.

"I love cheesecake with strawberry sauce on top because strawberries are my favorite fruit," 21-year-old cheesecake lover Angela Malinowski said.

Cheesecake recipes are also pretty loose, with everything from tofu to ricotta cheese in the mix. Many cultures have their own take on cheesecake. To find some new recipes, check out the Recipes section.

Cheesecake also has a "rich" history, records show that cheesecake was around in ancient Greece. To learn more, go to the History section.