Make sure to bring a headshot to the audition. A headshot is a professional picture (usually 8 x 10) with your name across the bottom. For theatre, it is standard to wear all black. You must look like your picture!

Women: Make sure to look natural. It is never appropriate to have a full face of make-up on in your headshot. Show your natural beauty. Also, make sure to dress more on the conservative side.

Men: When taking headshots, make sure to look clean-cut.


In addition to submitting a headshot, you must also hand in a resume. Bringing a headshot and resume to an audition is necessary in order to compete for a role. It also shows a level of professionalism. Make sure that your resume is always up-to-date. NEVER lie on your resume. Chances are, you will get caught!

Important to include on your resume: