Orginal Xbox

"Microsoft's Xbox was the answer to Sony's Playstation binge in 2000," said Lacey O'Rourke,. She said it offered the same gaming quality with a few more advantages. "Xbox had multiple controller slots, allowing for up to four players automatically instead of with after market pieces," she said.The Xbox started off in a rough patch. Playstation was beating them by hundreds of games, and the company had to play "catch up."

Xbox Controller

Each Xbox controller was wired and had to be plugged in simlar to the Playstation. "It was a heavy, bulky looking thing," said O'Rourke. The system had to be turned on manually, but could be operated easily using the controller. In some cases, the system came with a dvd remote for easier control over the movies people were watching. The picture above shows the simplicity of the orginal Xbox controller.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

When the Xbox 360 came into the picture, gaming was considered to be near the peak of its potential for the time period. The Xbox 360™ offered the next generation in home entertainment. Owners of this new and advanced gaming system could watch home videos, listen to music, view photographs, watch DVDs in 720p high definition, and play with other owners in the interactiver gaming world known as Xbox Live. When it comes to games, the console, designed and developed by Microsoft, the company that brought you Windows for your desktop and Labtop computers, packs incredible processing power. The console was created to push its games into realistic, life-like art.

"While patrons of the original xbox suffered the realization that they would only be able to play 200 of the xbox games on the 360, it wasn't much of a loss," said O'rouke.

Using an Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Controller

Other than just turning the 360 on by pressing the power button on the actual console, there are a few things the owner needs to know. First, each controller is a powered device and after inserting the proper Double-A batteries, the controller can be used to turn on the console by pushing the Xbox symbol in the middle. Just like every other gaming console after the original nintendo products, each button, though named the same,has a different job depending on the game the owner is playing. As you can see from the picture above, the xbox 360 made some changes to the controller as well. The black and white buttons became bumpers at the top right and left of the controller and all the other buttons were put into more comfortable positions for the gamer. The general model of the xbox controller was evolved as well as the names of each button on it. Just to be clear, the controller comes wired or wireless, depending on how much money you want to spend.

Even though the creators of Xbox and the Xbox 360 have yet to develop a hand-held system, the Xbox is still leading the market in sales and loyalty.