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"Atari was the console that started it all," said Charles Pritchard, Gamestop Manager. He said it was the first affordable gaming console that was bought by millions of people, Consumers were amazed at the ease of play of such a new machine. While the device didn't take off as quickly as most immagined by the mid-80's it was skyrocketing. Consumers marveled at the simple 1-2-3 setup and players were excited to be able to play the same games that were popular in the arcades they frequented in the late 70's and early 80's. Games included, Pong, Pac-Man, Street Racer and Home Run.

"Compared to current systems, graphics were extremely primative but it didn't stop players from enjoying what the Atari offered," said Pritchard. All games were controlled by a joy stick and a single button as a way to facilitate ease for all ages. The Atari blossomed in 1982, but fell off soon after, becoming the a competitor in the game-making industry. The video below is a commerical from the 80's marketing Atari. The system wasn't just marketed to children it was also aimed at adults.