Training for a marathon can a daunting but very exciting experience.Marathon veteran Hal Higdon Training is not easy. It's a journey of many weeks. But the end result is a memory for a lifetime.

There are several training programs a runner can use. The average training period is 16 weeks to 18 weeks with a mix of distance runs, short runs and cross training.. Every week is different. Some weeks have more mileage than others. The training program is designed to build a runner's mileage but also allow for recovery. Hal Higdon, a long time veteran marathon runner, has an excellent training guide.

Besides running with a training program, it is important to schedule some road races in between. The Newnans Lake 15K is an excellent pre-marathon race. It is sponsored by the Florida Track Club. There are pretty much 5Ks every weekend in Gainesville as well. Give yourself a break from the mileage and race one.

Possible Roadblocks

Time Management

Time management is one of the hardest aspects training. It is important to make sure you get your workouts into a schedule. It is suggested to choose a particular block of time during the day and to stick to it. Don't forget that besides training, it's important to take time away from work and stress to do the things you enjoy. Don't get too caught up in having to run all the time. Cross training such as a gym class, swimming, walking or cycling is a great way to mix it up.


Another potential roadblock,especially in Florida, is the weather. Luckily, the Five Points of Life Marathon is in February so a runner could start training at the end of October. But even October doesn't mean a runner is spared from hot weather. It's important to wear light-fitting clothes and to carry water. It saves lives!


It is better to miss a run when tired than it is to run tired. If a runner sticks as closely as possible to a program, he or she is guaranteed success. Remember we are not all perfect people and life happens.