Everyone needs some encouragement while marathon training. After all, it is quite an unexplicable challenge. Training can be difficult and a little TLC is important. However, a majority of people will not understand what you are going through. But there are plenty of runners who do understand. Besides receiving support from family members and friends, joining a running group can be an important component to marathon training.

Here a some testimonials from people who have successfully trained with the Florida Track Club and completed a marathon.

The Florida Track Club is home to plenty of successful marathoners as well as recreation runners. The club hosts about 12 races each year and holds monthly meetings with informative speakers. The speakers talk about the latest running apparel, sport psychology and racing technique. Any little bit of help, can go a long way with marathon training.

Group training will help a runner with motivation during the long, challenging runs when all he or she wants to do is quit. Group running makes a runner feel less alone. There are people running with the same pain and the same joy.

If a runner has any individual questions, seasoned runners are better to ask than doctors or psychologists. Veteran runners have experience with injuries and prevention, motivation problems, and race day strategies. Running groups can help a runner find strength through weakness and love through agony.

To become a member is very inexpensive. You can register at However, you do not have to be a member to train with the group. The membership is helpful in getting discounts at sporting good stores and with road races.