It's Race Day: Feb. 20, 2011

It's finally here. Yeah for race day.

Albert and Alberta

Some words of advice for this day include getting plenty of rest, and eating pasta with a little bit of protein the night before. Essentially, do anything you can to take care of yourself. Self care will be a runner's friend around mile 20. It separates the sleepless and weak from the strong.

If it is possible, drive the route the day before the race to familiarize yourself with the areas you will be running in. It is helpful to have mental preparation, and it also encourages relaxation. Anxiety before a race is almost certain. Good self talk is going to calm a runner down emotionally and physically.

The morning of my marathon, I ate a peanut butter bagel and a power bar. It was nourishing, and I felt capable to compete. During the race, I ate GU and mixed it up between water and Gatorade.

It important to focus on the goal and the finish line. Running a marathon is a long-lasting memory. It is unlike any other experience.

Don't forget to meet Albert and Alberta at the end!