Every runner needs a shoe. What kind of shoe do you need? Justin Farinelli, a personal trainer at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center thinks a runner needs to know what kind of stride he or she has. Farinelli has been a runner for 11 years.

According to Farinelli, there are two types of runners: heel strikers and mid-foot runners. Heel strikers need more support from shoes. According to Farinelli, finding shoes for heel strikers can be problematic. He said heel strikers should look for shoes with motion control and stability.

He suggests heading to a local running store and getting a gait analysis, where the shoe specialists measures a persons foot setting and watches the person's stride. Farinelli said without a proper anaylsis, a runner can put too much stress on his or her hips, knees and back. Shoes for heel strikers can climb into costing around $100.

Farinelli said runners with who strike mid-foot can essentially wear really inexpensive shoes. He said these runners are looking for a light-weight, flexible shoes.

Farinelli also emphasized the latest craze, barefoot running. Barefoot running is supposed to let the runner find his or her natural stride. Barefoot running is common in many third world countries where runners cannot afford shoes. The craze has hit America, causing many runners to ditch their running sneakers for some barefoot shoes.

Barefoot running focuses more on running on the balls of the feet. It's been argued by scientists that running in sneakers has caused people to become heel strikers, which as Farinelli said, is not very good.

To find local running shoes, Farinelle suggested visiting two running stores in town. Lloyd Clarke Sports or Gainesville Running and Walking.