About Five Points of Life

The Five Points of Life Marathon is a very special event. The marathon started out as a bike ride to raise awareness for blood donation. Over the years, the event changed its focus to become a kids marathon, a half marathon and a full marathon. The race also became known as the Gainesville marathon.

The marathon course winds through every area of Gainesville including downtown, the University of Florida and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The marathon is a celebration of blood donation. The race aims to promote blood donation and blood education around the Gainesville community. The proceeds from the event go toward education programs to teach young children about about the importance of blood donation.

Kim Mitrook, marketing director for Life South, the parent organization to the Five Points of Life program, said donating blood is one of the best things a person can do for someone else.

According to Mitrook, the purpose of the Five Points of Life Marathon is to raise awareness for the five ways to share life with others through the donation of blood, aphaeresis, bone marrow, a new mothers' cord blood, organs and tissues.

She said the Five Points of Life program works with blood centers, organ procurement organizations, marrow registries and community organizations to educate citizens about donation.

The goal of the program is to encourage every eligable donor to give blood, join the marrow registry, talk to his or her family about organ donation and learn more about cord blood donation for women. The program is also aimed to educate the youth about the importance of donation so when they are eligible, they will donate and become a part of the "donation generation."