The 411 on Low Self-Esteem

Are you afraid that you're not going to look the part for the interview, or that you're not going to look pretty on your date? Do you constantly want to delete that photo that was just taken of you?

Is your lack of confidence keeping your mind busy and not allowing you to breathe just a little? Then the "negative bug" has bitten you and you're part of a low self-esteem epidemic. We are afraid that we are going to be judged by the way we speak, the way we act and the way we look (which seems to be the greatest concern among young women today). And who's to say we're not? First impressions, save the conversation, is all about the looks! Unfortunately, the media has created a standard for the way people are supposed to look, especially young women.

It seems that the requirements for young women to be beautiful today include: toned figure, pearl smile, glowing skin and healthy-looking hair . Pretty much, physical perfection at its best...or just looking like a Victoria Secret model. Unfortunately, such standards have led young women everywhere to be conscious of their physical appearance and to take extreme measures to alter their features, be it plastic surgery procedures or eating disorders. It's a personal weakness and personal struggle that women view themselves as less than what they are. Everyone needs to realize that they are beautiful, if only they give themselves the chance to believe it.

Here are some staggering statistics about low self-esteem among young women:

Learn more about eating disorders, and learn more about being body confident and loving the skin you're in. Cheers to having a positive outlook!