Eating Disorders

A primary reason there is a lack of confidence among young women today is because there is a pressure for them to be beautiful (and by beautiful, I mean having a thin or toned body). Thus, many women are unhappy with their bodies and turn to depression or eating disorders to be what society deems as perfection.

People who have eating disorders are extremely obsessed with weight gain and with food. There are two main eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia. People who struggle with anorexia are obsessed with being thin, and they exercise constantly (also known as exercise bulimia) and hardly eat to maintain that slim figure. Sometimes they take diet pills or laxatives to stay thin, and usually end up looking in a state of sickness. People who struggle with bulimia tend to eat a lot of food (binge eat) and then they throw it up. Sometimes, they even go through periods without eating after consuming so much food at one time. People who have bulimia tend to have more of a normal weight than do people who are anorexic, but their weight fluctuates with their inconsistent eating patterns.

There are unfortunate side effects to having an eating disorder. The following is a list of some of the health problems associated with having an eating disorder.



Eating disorders also cause depression, a loss of interest in social events, and they can also lead to death. More people die from eating disorders than any other mental illness.

So, ask yourself this. Why do you have to be skinny? The definition of beautiful is not skinny. Skinny is just a body type, so stop worrying about it and start living. And remember, you only live once, so embrace your body and be happy!

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