Make Yourself Stand Out

On Campus

  1. Classes
    • Take classes outside your major that interest you. Employers are looking for students who challenge themselves both inside their specialty and outside. The scuba-diving class you took may spark the interest of your interviewer who is a scuba instructor or the Greece Yesterday and Today class may spark a conversation about traveling on the job. Check out all the unique classes the University of Florida has to offer to find one that interests you.

Off Campus

  1. Work
    • Students who work part time display to hiring employers that they are organized and can handle a work-life balance. Employers admire this quality in their applicants. Since there are a limited number of jobs available near college campuses, your commitment will outshine the other applicants.

  2. Leadership
    • There are a vast array of clubs available on college campuses to get involved in. Join one or two clubs that interest you, whether it be skimboarding, salsa dancing or corporate finance. There is so much opportunity for leadership within these clubs. Once you find the ones that interest you, pursue leadership opportunities within them. Leadership opportunities do not end at president and vice president. You can exemplify your leadership skills through many positions. Some of these are listed below.

Map of leadership potential for college students

  • Similar to the unique classes you take, your leadership positions will demonstrate what your passions are. Your passions may overlap with those of your interviewers.
  • In Your Time Off

    1. Study Abroad and/or Hold an Internship
      • Use the time you get for summer vacation to hold an internship or study abroad. These experiences will set you apart in an interview and help you grow. I held a marketing position last summer at a graphic design firm and realized I am more passionate about the T-shirt designs that I make than the marketing campaigns that I pitch. Internships and study abroad programs are invaluable opportunities to help you figure out what you want to do through first-hand experience. How you feel at a certain company cannot be decided in a lecture hall.

      Logos of companies to intern for

    2. Create a Web Site About You

    3. Update Your LinkedIn Profile Fequently