Hear proof that social media networks are used to evaluate candidates.

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Florida Leadership Academy I am a member of the Florida Leadership Academy. Through my participation, I have heard many CEOs, CFOs and hiring managers speak. I was persuaded to take LinkedIn on as my final project because these speakers have all encouraged appropriate social media behavior and referenced LinkedIn. When asked what they look for in an applicant, they all replied similarly that they look for their applicants on LinkedIn and other sites such as Facebook.
Public Relations Chairman I am the public relations officer for my sorority. One of my responsibilities is to serve as a resource to our graduating seniors. I have encouraged them to create LinkedIn profiles in their job searches. In my service, I have helped fellow students critique their resumes and fixed other problems on their LinkedIn pages. Since most of our colleagues are constantly connected to the Internet, this medium is a great way to increase and improve our relations.
Second Year Student I am applying for jobs and positions in student organizations like many of my peers, and I have just recently created my first LinkedIn account. I have firsthand experience using this social medium and want to share my experiences with other students. This Web site will enable them to avoid the same mistakes I made my first time to LinkedIn. My profile and my personal Web site are now completed.

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