Gator Wake and Ski Club

The Gator Wake and Ski Club

There's one main thing you need to know about your Gator Wake and Ski club: they rip for real.

These guys (and girls) hold four national wakeboarding titles and are poised to add a few more to the collection. This club is a talent pool, and many of its members are pretty hardcore riders. But if you're a beginner, no worries. The Gator Wake and Ski Club welcomes boarders of all skill levels, so just head out to a club practice. After all, what better way is there to learn than by tearing up the lake with the national champions? There's a pretty good chance that you'll learn a thing or two.

If you want to meet the club members and get to know everyone before you hit the water, the Gator Wake and Ski Club also holds social events, service projects and meetings throughout the year. Just show up to one of these, introduce yourself, and get ready to have a great time with some seriously cool people.

To get involved, join the club's facebook group, visit the team contact page or check out the club listing at UF Recreational Sports.

UF team prepares for Wakeboarding Nationals.

Uf wakeboarders will face off against the best riders from across the country as part of the CBS College Sports Alt Games in San Diego.

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