Gator Skim Club gets hooked up with new gear.

The Gator Skim Club recently managed to convince UF Student Government and the UF Department of Recreational Sports to fork over more than $5,000 so that the club could buy 22 brand new skim boards with board bags and traction pads.

Student government has also begun funding other Skim Club expenses including contest entry fees, gas money for traveling, food at meetings and even Facebook advertisements, and these expenses came out to a grand total of $1,790 for spring of 2010.

Getting this level of funding for a sports club is quite a feat, but what makes this accomplishment particularly amazing is the fact that the club has only been in existence for three years.

Jesse Lash, who could arguably be called the father of collegiate skimboarding, founded the club three years ago and also founded the National Collegiate Skimboarding Association.

He said he has enjoyed watching the evolution of his idea over the years and likes the direction that things are going.

"It's great to see the progression of something you started that was small and was just an idea and just kind of moved on and became something bigger and better," he said.