Facial Proportion

Arroyo's Tips To Drawing a Face in 8 Simple Steps:
1) Divide the face in half horizontally using a slightly curved line to measure eye placement.
2) The face is five eye widths wide. There is one eye width separating the eyes. Draw outline of eyes on curved line.
3) Divide the space between eye and chin with another horizontal curved line. The nose is placed halfway between the eye and chin.
4) Divide the space between the nose and chin into thirds using horizontal lines. The mouth is placed on the first line from the top.
5) Measure the nose by placing the outside edges in line with the inside corner of each eye.
6) Measure the width of the mouth by placing the outside edges in line with the eye pupils.
7) Measure the width of the neck by placing it in line with the outside edges of the eyes.
8) The ears fall between the horizontal eye and nose line.
Tip:As a rule, men's lips are usually thinner than women's lips.

Student shows her studies in facial proportion.

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