About the Artist

Arroyo with a piece of her art.
Arroyo was born in upstate New York and moved to Florida in 1976. She married an Air Force officer and had two amazing children.
Arroyo has had the good fortune of being able to travel, seeing beautiful places and wonderful art, and teaching art in some aspect in most of the places she has lived, she said.
She holds a BSA degree in drawing and painting from Northern Michigan University and has also completed coursework in art education. Arroyo has been teaching drawing and painting with the Pensacola Junior College Continuing Education Department since 2004 and continues to enjoy helping her students develop an eye for art.
"Teaching art is showing students how to see and observe things, and then have them translate what they see through their work," Arroyo said.
Besides drawing inspiration from her students, Arroyo is inspired by travel,
nature and family. All of these things contribute to a constant flow of ideas and
an increasing number of projects.
"Sometimes, I wish I had a button to turn it off because I can't just sit in the
backyard and not analyze everything in terms of design."