The Artist

An abstract charcoal by Arroyo
Marianne Arroyo is an artist working out of Navarre, FL., who utilizes charcoal, paint and textiles to create pieces blending traditional techniques with the wildly abstract.
Arroyo's style revolves around her black and white charcoal drawings. These pieces take root in classical figure drawings and are deconstructed to create contemporary works she describes as being "spontaneous" and "edgy."

The Vision

A watercolor by Arroyo
The creative process is such a part of my DNA that if affects every aspect of my life, whether I am painting, cooking, teaching or gardening. And, I have discovered that it is the process, not necessarily the product, which drives me. Teaching, communicating and passing along that knowledge of process is the path that I have chosen, in addition to creating my own work. My students continue to challenge and inspire me, and my work reflects this.
M. Arroyo