Types of Coffee and Drinks

There are over twenty different species of coffee bean. However, two account for the vast majority of coffee in production today. Arabica beans were the original coffee bean. They are less resistant to disease, grows at altitudes between 1500 to 600 feet, and are, generally more expensive. This is because Arabica beans, which are native to Ethiopia, are considered to have a better taste. Robusta is the other type of coffee bean in production today.It was not cultivated until after the 1850s. It is more resistant to disease and poor soils, tolerates more humidity and heat, and is easier to grow. In general, Robusta has a more bitter taste.Most Robusta is grown in West African and Southeast Asian countries. Arabica is grown in East African, Central and Southern American countries.

Once the coffee is farmed,roasted, and packaged, it makes its way to store shelves and coffee shops. Sometimes it is brewed as coffee using a variety of different methods. Other times, it is turned into a coffee or espresso drink. The picture below is of an espresso maker found in a coffee shop.

(Source:The Coffee Book)

Different Coffee Drinks: