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I am Vanessa N. Cantwell, a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Florida. I edit for my school's newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator, as well as for Bleacher Report an open-source sports Web site. This site was designed for my Communications on the Internet class.

I chose Coca-Cola as a topic to honor my "future mother-in-law," who is featured on this Web site. She was so happy that I was doing my project on Coca-Cola, and I was excited to see her that happy. I just hope that this site does her and her family justice.

ALL information on this site is from other sources. Other than the Coke Bottling section, which is my own personal account, and my interview with Delores Riley, which I conducted myself, the material is all attributed to other sources, and I DO NOT claim it as my own. See the bibliography for details on the sources I used to complete this site.

All of the pictures used on this Web site are either from Wikimedia Commons or Flickr (see images for more specific details). Again, I DO NOT claim any of these images as my own.

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at nessa917@ufl.edu.

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